105 RIVER ST    

The Superior Color Center was founded by Robert Ruthford in 1971.  The original store was attached to the Hill Top Motel, overlooking the Clark Fork River in beautiful Superior Montana.  As the name implies, the "Color Center" specialized in paint and painting supplies.
In 1979, Robert's daughter Margaret and her husband Charles Stevens purchased the store.  As the company grew, so did its offerings and by 1989, demand had increased and necessitated the addition of lumber and other building materials as well as a larger store.    The store was moved to Johnson Avenue in 1990.  By 2003, more space was again required  to keep up with the growing business, and the store moved to its current location on Mullan Road West.  Somewhere along the way, the name was changed to Superior Color & Lumber.  
Then, in 2006, Robert Kraatz took over as the General Manager, and in 2007, Rob and his wife, Hope Stevens (Charlie and Peggy's oldest daughter) purchased the company, maintaining its rich local family history and continuing their support of the local community.
Today, Superior Color & Lumber's pursuit of excellence remains an unremitting goal.  Excellence in the products offered, excellence in customer service, and excellence in our respect and admiration for each and every SC&L customer.  
Superior Color & Lumber is the best building materials resource in Western Montana for the builder, contractor, homeowner or designer.